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Early Christmas

All out of YHOO, last lot @ $18.80

I was looking for a steady climb into the $20 range but it kept on going and finally today Goldman Sachs decided to put it onto their “Conviction Buy” list which resulted in a nice gap up. I took that as a sign to exit and wait for the stock to calm down. I’ll be tracking this one to re-enter, possibly in a week or two.

AAPL continues to be strong so I’m raising the target on my remaining shares to $620. New stop has been raised to $573.70.  The setup yesterday was actually a nice one to add shares, oh well.  Awesome stock, awesome products.   Definitely my stock of the year.

Courtesy of Apple subsidizing some speculative earnings plays, I’m looking at FMCN for today’s announcement after the bell.


YHOO update

Exited 25% of my holdings at $18.10,  leaving me at only 25% of my original position.  Hopefully it will rest and consolidate so I can build up my position again for the 2nd leg of the move to the $20.49 area.


Yahoo (YHOO)

Yahoo seems to be doing it’s own thing, it broke out of it’s loooooong range bound zone and has been steadily going up.

My first target is in the $17.45 – $17.55 area where I hope it will bounce. I’ll probably take half off and wait for bounce to buy back in.

Second target is in the $20.50 area sometime next year.

Weekly chart:

Update: Ok that was fast, it got close to my target so I got out half @ 17.39.  Will wait to see what it does next, I’m sure it’ll just keep on running without giving me a chance to get back in full size.