No great technical setups….Bought the following calls:

FMCN Dec 26 @ 0.45  It’s been beaten down so bad how much worse can it get??? 🙂

GMCR Dec 33 @ 1.43  It still has a huge gap to fill so earnings is a good catalyst to do it, that’s the theory at least.

UPDATE (Nov. 28):

GMCR got a nice pop this morning, sold out at $3.10 for $1.67 profit, a nice little gambling bonus. Unfortunately I sold close to the open so I didn’t realize another 60 – 80 cents of profit had I wait after the first 30 mins. With the market tanking I didn’t want to take the risk and sold out.

FMCN did not gap up but is moving up nicely in the first half of the day. Since the option has some time left I’ll see how it does over the next week. I probably should just sell out at break even but since the option was so cheap I’ll let it ride.