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Long EA @ 14.58

Will buy more if we get a pullback to the daily 20 ma that I was hoping for.



Long ACN @ 68.42  , looking for the break of the last 3 day consolidation. This should be a fast trade lasting a few days.

Stop @ 67.74




EA is pulling back nicely, looking to enter after confirmation on hourly chart.


SWHC is interesting, looking to go long on the break of the recent highs or a break of today’s high sometime tomorrow.

Stop would be the under the low of yesterday @ 10.78.


EA on watch

Looks like it’s finally breaking out of it’s 4 month consolidation. I missed the initial break and have been watching it since. Want a pause or pull back before getting in.

Target is around the $16.70 – $17 area.

One good thing about these strong runners is that they are great for intra-day pull back trades on the 15minute and hourly charts.